The idea

Ελληνικά εδώ !

The idea of this project, if I got it right, last time I was talking to myself, is to join many others that are active for years now, on the way towards a more self-governed/organised, self-sufficient lifestyle that can make small social groups more independent, more free but also take responsibility for their lifestyle towards the global social issues and also of course, towards nature, reconsidering our role on this planet. Essential to the idea is to have fun all along the way, to enjoy every minute of the process, put money and work back to their place, from masters to tools of a happy and healthy life.

Motivation and idealism I got plenty of, but also realism and a good deal of experience as a visitor/volunteer in similar initiatives. Now it s time to put words and learnings into practice. Initially and as you can see in this presentation, which I prepared in the context of an online Eco-community course, the idea is to form a social group, not to make an individual effort. Since there is no such group already, the way I see to form it, is by being open to volunteers and visitors to come help out or just smell the air of the place, form connections in Greece (as most I have are from abroad), and hopefully in the near future find some interest from compatible and like-minded people to stay longer and form a more committed social group, that eventually maybe in some years could turn into a small community.

view from my little boat

The place is in the north of the island of Evia, close to the village of Rovies. Surrounded by mountains, a river

river geranias

and the sea is an olive grove. More or less 8 hectares of the olive grove is the land I m counting on. There is a house already there, zone 0 of the project, some open space for gardens, a pine forest next to the river and of course, many, many olive trees.

little house on the olive field

The work I ll start with, in the next few months, is setting up the garden, starting the compost, putting up compost toilets (together with a group of wonderful friends), a tool shed and small workshop, solar heating of the water. There is plenty of work trying to be self-sufficient energetically and food wise and the projects will depend on the help I ll get from others. There are also longer term projects that I d like to start, as soon as I can, amongst which an editable forest in between the olive trees, a bio-construction for meetings, yoga and other social and sport and recreational activities.

There is everything to learn, loads of work and commitment, many mistakes to make but not much apart from a couple of kilos, to lose. I would not like this to be my personal bubble, that is why I m reaching out using this blog and trying to make a connection !



13 thoughts on “The idea

  1. Good luck Yorgos!!! For sure we will come to help (I will not fish) and enjoy the fantastic place very soon! Do not forget to build a kindergarten 🙂

  2. Hi Yorgos! Great idea to keep the energy flowing. Don;t see myself there this year but next…..? And I know helen, mandy, cassandra and Antoine will soon be with you. much love Jyoti xxx

  3. Giorgo! The best of luck for your project! I will be there soon for sure. I have a tiny-eco-project: an eco-rope between 2 olive trees for slacklinning 🙂 I will investigate on how to do it and then get there to set it up!

  4. From your cousin in Athens: so excited for you and all of us who know you! We will be in Robbie’s for Easter with babies on our backs ready to play. And I will sing:
    Standing like a tree with my roots deep down, branches wide and open, down comes the rain, down comes the sun, down comes the fruit to my heart that is open, I am standing like a tree with my roots deep down….
    Xxxx Marina, Alexandro’s, Markos and Maila

  5. So glad you are going ahead with the project. Best of luck Giorgos. I’d love to work on it at some point, keep us updated. XX

  6. Giorgos!!!
    Me alegro infinito que tires adelante el proyecto. Está condenado a ser una experiencia genial.
    Te envío todo mi soporte y ánimos.
    Gracias por abrir el blog, será una bonita ventana para los que estamos contigo en la distancia.
    Espero volvamos a vernos.
    Un abrazo inmenso.

  7. Hey Giorgos,
    What a wonderful project !! I will for sure visit you next year, when I come back for traveling… I am right now in Auroville, where I just followed a permaculture introduction. It gives such a desire to act, start something, put all these great ideas into applications !! And I am also following there acro-yoga classes; such a lot of fun ! Thanks for making me discover it 🙂

  8. Wonderful project! Wish you all the best and I hope to come to Greece this summer and it will be interesting to visit you there!

  9. so happy to hear about your idea, am also into something like this but it’s far here in India. All my best wishes for your project and make it a wonderful one!

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