first seeds

With the arrival of Helen, Reka, Mandy, Cassandra and Antoine, things are starting to get form here in Paliomylos.

The weekend before their arrival, a greek group with interest in ecovillages organised a meeting in Athens. It was a great opportunity to meet people already making a similar effort or others that just have the dream to start something, an opportunity to talk about very interesting varied issues through the method Open-Spaces and get the first seeds of interest, (ex)change and of the salad of this coming summer!

So back in Rovies we have been:

Preparing the down garden for this summer


making stairs


and a herb spiral



planting trees and making many seed nurseries


making our own olives, jams, picking and drying local herbs.


There are many thanks to be given and I might forget a name, so a future post will be dedicated to all those that give a helping hand to this effort. Thanks for all the seeds, trees, compost, manure, recycled material and your time, I hope soon to be able to exchange it back !

some more photos of these first days here

DSCF6026 DSCF6031

150420131835DSCF6037    DSCF6059 DSCF6066    IMG_1717 blue skies

IMG_1755 another beautiful sunset


4 thoughts on “first seeds

    • So great to see you guys together again. The place looks amazing. Expect more Sunseeders Giorgos!!! Much love Jyoti xxxx

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