Gardens, pickles and oh yes… a dome

It already feels like I ve been living this way for ever. Life in paliomylos is becoming a reality and I m settling to this role very smoothly, with friends and family visiting very often, some staying longer and the first volunteers coming up soon. Of course days alone, have a special charm too.

Last weekend I had the chance to be part of a remarkable project, the construction of the central geodesic dome of the overall Telaithrion project by the team of Free and Real.


dome @ telaithrion

Apart from the fun of putting the dome together, during the workshops I heard very interesting hints on natural building, that will definitely be very useful very soon in paliomylos. For more very impressive photos click here.

Back in the house, the last spring rains

last rains

helped the gardens pick up and so there s plenty of veggies coming soon ! Here are some of the designs of the beds with corn, beans, zuccini, tomatoes (and cherry ones), potatoes, pumpkins,  sunflowers, cucumbers, peppers, fresh onions and garlic, some herbs and more coming soon from the nurseries.

cloud and a pizza slice bed    corn bed

semicircle bed    potatoes bed

the circle bed

With the help of friends Mirto and Gabriela apart from the gardening we came up with some nice home made delicacies, like jam, preserve, syrop and even a chutney from the abundant in my parents garden loquat


loquatss    garbiele making loquat syrop

and pickle from kritamo, a plant that grows wild by the sea and makes for a delicious meze !

 kritamos    mirto making kritama pickle     



3 thoughts on “Gardens, pickles and oh yes… a dome

  1. Ahh the pictures! I long to come back! Kritamo was so good! Mirto – my long lost sister! And you with your passion, vision and love for the land – so inspiring. Hope to see you soon!

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