mud games

Manu, Fiona and their two wonderful daughters, Giulia and Sofia, are officially the first volunteers of Paliomylos !

Sofia, Giulia, Fiona and Manu

first volunteers !

Big help with the garden, where amongst other things they helped me install the drip irrigation system from used pipes, saving at least a couple of hours of watering.

automatic irrigation !!

Most exciting though was the project we came up with, to build the first natural construction of the project ! So with little planning and 0 euros we started a bench made out of cob (clay, sand and straw) and stones, all from a radius of 200 metres from the house, apart from the straw that came from a village 7-8 km from Rovies. Lucio arrived just in time for the hard work !

Heaviest work.. bringing the stones from the river, not possible without a Land Rover.

land rover rocks !

laying them down as a base

rocky bench

then it s time for cobbing ! mixing the ingredients

starting the mix

mud games

make balls..

making balls

and throw !! the most exhilarating part of it all 🙂

more shooting


Forming and decorating is the last part

almost finished !

the construction took us 5 days, but the clay kept on cracking because of the hot and dry weather, so after following the advice of Kim,  we now have it drying slowly under a wet blanket and plastic. In a week we should have the final photo !

Many thanks to Kim for the great company, the hikes, the work and the vast information on natural building he shared with us. Happy cycling !

Kim !

Apart from this construction and the normal by now daily gardening, other things we ve been doing these last few weeks is looking for more kritamo and this time also capers !!!

capers !

adding organic material and mulching in a field a bit further out from the house, to improve the soil and make it future gardens

regeneration of the soil

cutting and piling wood for winter heating but also to find pieces to use for woodwork ! so wood constructions coming up !


Many thanks to Lucio that has been a great help this last couple of weeks and continues to work hard every day !

team work

the dolphins took the spotlight from the sun in this post s sunset 😉

sunset with dolphins this time ;-)


3 thoughts on “mud games

  1. Do not forget to send some pictures of the vegetables!! Yum yum. On our side, we are still waiting for the Watermelon to fall from the tree 😛

  2. Hello Goirgos ! Beautiful pics , the benche … so nice 🙂 . I hear a voice right now who is calling me back to Rovies 🙂

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