No news, good news

the more there is to say the less motivated I find myself to blog. Summer s not made for screens.. so to keep a long story short, in the last month, the garden has been growing and there s flowers everywhere, but also the first veggies 😉

roses revivalkatifes !pumkin flowerthe first peppercutecumberunder the leaves

corn flowersour zuccini seed bearer

first tomatoes!

potatoes grew in the compost !sunflowers and mirto

there s been some small “construction” going on, starting with a temporary external shower,

open air showers!

repairing the stairs to the garden


making a basic tool.. furniture(?)


a dog house for our new arrivals Loop (the second permanent member of this project) and Copernicos

woof woof

koper and loop

and finalising the cob bench ! yes, with the arrival of COB master Apostolos, the finishing of this project was a piece of cake, so we plastered the COB with a mix of lime, ceramic dust, water and sand and made some drawings :-p

preparing the plaster

the bench of the rising sun

the COB master and his disciples

on the side garden work is ongoing with some planting, weeding, mulching, tomato pruning and supporting and also a new bed for flowers (and some herbs)

jenna doing some planting

tomatoes mulched and growingtomato strings

the new flower bed

some new home made products, caper bud and fruit and oil from hypericum perforatum for natural healing

more home made thingies

summer nights are all great but full moons and summer solstice give a magical touch to a nice evening

maria makes magic fire fire beach gathering           (sub)wwoofing     longest day of the year      


4 thoughts on “No news, good news

  1. Hey Gorgeous!
    Love from Sunseed. Thank you for taking the time to blog. All is well and very busy here. Your pictures bring back many lovely memories of my time on Lesbos…..ahhhhhhh Jyoti xx

  2. Hi Giorgios – I like the flowers and the curved cucumbers under the leaves….Great also to see the cute dogs… and Mirto and that you all look really happy… greetings and love to you all from Vienna/Austria Gabriella

  3. Whoua, your place seems to grow so well with vegetables growing, volunteers coming, construction going on, and lot of fun and beautiful nature !! I am in Thailand right now, planing to reach Australia at some point, and learning all the time more about permaculture. When I am back to Europe, I will definitly visit you, and put my hands in some soil and mud 🙂 Lots of love, Valerie

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