A note before I get into the latest update of news from Paliomylos. This year is very exceptional in Rovies. The production of the olive grove is the lowest in 30 or more years…. this means there will not be much olive picking this year, it also means economically there will be no income for a while. Therefore, at this moment I ll have to reconsider hosting people in exchange of work, as I am not sure I ll be able to afford the food for all (taking into consideration that my garden does not even supply enough for one person, yet…). so for this autumn and winter (or until I find a way to have some more resources) I would work alone, or with people that are willing to share food expenses with me. Thank you

last days of summer, and over the past two weeks, carobs and grapes have taken over paliomylos. While irrigating the olive trees I had a look at one carob tree at the edge of property, it was full of carobs that have recently dropped to the ground.


we picked around 5-10 kilos of them and there s still more ! we decided to make syrup from them, a perfect substitute of honey and sugar. penelope became the carob master and started the works ! First and more strenuous step to cut them

DSCF8090isa joins the funDSCF8154

then we boil for 5 minutes


and let the juices come out for around 30 hoursDSCF8222

then, you take out the carobs (throw them to your compost or feed animals) and boil the juice for about 3-4 hours until you get the syrup. No need for sugar or honey all winter 😉


next project, grape must ! and eli took charge of that


from the must, we made Mustalevria (a greek delicacy which is like a jelly with must, flour, nuts and cinnamon)



and mustokulura (must cookies)


apart from the kitchen adventures, other news are that the toilet is up and functioning. There were a couple of small details, more aesthetic additions, and we hadn t started using it, but Xavier not knowing it, showed us the way 😉


In the olive grove, I helped Vangelis a bit, digging up a broken pipe, so that we can re-establish the supply from a water pump


and other than that we had a great ending of august, and here are some more photos

DSCF8237DSCF8119DSCF8083  DSCF8036DSCF8041DSCF8229


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