waiting for the first rain of autumn

September has been dry with only a couple of short showers… this meant a lot of olive grove irrigation. Having said that, rain will eventually come soon, the weather has already changed to significantly colder, and therefore most of September s work was finding a roof for tools, bikes, plant nurseries


and improving the ones for dog and cats 🙂


Gardening is also very big these days as we are preparing for the winter crops with plenty of nurseries


some planting of bought seedlinks


and last but not least, the new garden Angelina and I have been working on for the past couple of weeks! The soil was very poor (dirt really) but we are hoping that with the right planting of not only vegetables but many herbs, flowers, soil fixing bushes and small trees, in a couple of years we will have a good, fertile, biodiverse environment to grow edible and medicinal plants. It s been a lot of work, but we are very motivated with all the permaculture design which apart from the above includes, a basic drainage system, wind breakers, and erosion preventing plants (soon to come).


September is also a big month on seed saving


picking herbs, and making plenty of blackberry marmelade !


Soon we ll start the design of a test food forest (compromised by the multitude of olive trees) in one part of the olive grove surrounding the house. The plan is over the winter to get many trees and nitrogen fixing bushes planted as well as crops such as alpha-alpha and broad beans amongst the olive trees, to improve the soil. Hoping to have more on this in the next post (expected late !! internet and me are not getting on very well lately…).

some more photos from the best month to be in greeceDSCF8275DSCF8307  DSCF8372DSCF8346


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