perma garden

Most of the time since the last post has been spent in and around the new garden we are setting up..

planting, transplanting


mulching, composting and fertilising,


it s been quite a lot of work, but the heaviest has been a dry-stone construction of a wall facing the north side of the garden. It serves as a wind break, as the beginning of a microclimate absorbing the heat from the sun during the day and releasing it during the night, and as a house for snakes, spiders and other nice creepy little beings, increasing the biodiversity of the garden, thus the pest control. Many thanks to my father and Christos, Vangelis and Aggelis (that work for my father in the olive grove) for the very hard work !


Once that was done, some trees, herbs, supporting plants and flowers were planted and we already have a good yield from there, of course counting the vast amount of wild greens that grow in the field but are completely editable, boiled or combined with some rice !


Apart from the garden the preserves will provide too during winter !


Permaculture works took place in the old garden (that is now resting), by trying out the sheet mulching technique, that would prepare the soil for the spring veggies


upgrading the herb spiral


and playing around with water canals to practice for the food forest 🙂


The trees have been ordered and when they arrive, the food forest will be the main work for the rest of this winter. Till then enjoy some more photos of the other ecovillage members 🙂



3 thoughts on “perma garden

  1. Hello Giorgos, you moved a lot since I left… congratulation I m impressed. I m now working in Madagascar until january. I would love to come back somedays.
    Take care

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