projects and bread !

same day I posted the last update, Pako a good friend from Spain (and appropriate technology coordinator in Sunseed) arrived in Paliomylos. New energy came to the house and the result is a series of projects on which we ll work on this winter (parallel of course with the gardening). For all this work though there is a need for some volunteering hands ! so I am asking if you, or someone you know wants to spent some time in the house and work on some very interesting projects, over the next couple of months, to please contact me for more information ! We share the costs of food that we buy (trying to always minimise them) which comes up more or less to a max of 10 euros per week per person. The projects are:

  • Food forest, hands are needed for the planting !
  • Build a workshop and materials shelter
  • Thermosiphon system for hot water using a solar panel and/or a stove in cloudy days.
  • Biomass gasifier for efficient cooking (as an alternative to Gas)
  • Turn the fireplace to a more efficient space heater !
  • Filtering river water to make it safe for drinking
  • Rainwater capturing from the house
  • Put up swales (and a couple of small ponts) for the runoff rainwater in the area chosen as the food forest
  • Make a food dryer
  • Solar cooker
  • Mushroom cultivation
  • Freeze protection for the garden
  • Distiller
  • Greenhouse
  • A system to help the preservation of food (for pickles, chutneys, sauces, jams)

Apart from that, food self-sufficiency is getting even better these days with mushrooms


fruit from my family ‘s garden,


but above all, bread ! the stove in the kitchen was finally cleaned and put to work, saving us energy for cooking


and most important using the little oven it has to make our bread from now on!!


more news soon ! miaoww



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