trees of the winter solstice

the food forest is on it s way ! the trees arrived on the night of 20th so on the shortest day of the year we started planting and in two days managed to plant the 60 more or less fruit trees that initiate this effort of turning the olive grove to something a bit more diverse.

many thanks to free & real for the ordering of the trees and to all that helped with the hard work. this started a week before first cleaning up some trash that have been dumped in a hidden part of the food forest by some nature lover…


it was followed by the hardest work, digging the holes


making stakes to support them


bringing over sheep manure and olive leaves for mulching


then the trees arrived, cherry, almond, pear, apple, peaches, nectarines, apricot, fig trees and many more were planted over two beautiful days of winter sunshine.


we ll continue adding berry bushes and nitrogen fixing plants along side the trees. more on this in the next post !

another landmark of the last month is the construction of a Ram pump. Pako helped a bit Thanasis the technician of the local olive cooperative in putting together the pump. a ram pump does not use electricity and can pump water more than 10 times the falling height. This low tech, cheap device is very useful and works the same for a very long time. It is done for the agricultural cooperative but once installed we ll invite all those that would be interested for a demonstration and sharing of the setup, as we think it is a big step for self sufficiency! a short video from the trial here!

Then we put up a home made surveying tool to find the location in the river where the water will be redirected from.


other works in Paliomilos include putting up basic gutters for the rainwater


a rain shelter for the wood


improving and winter proofing the compost toilet


last transplanting for this winter


angelina ‘s medicinal wax creams




and a lot of cooking !


till next time, enjoy some more nice moments from paliomilos !

 DSCF8584DSCF8654DSCF8651IMG_6620IMG_6988IMG_6935DSCF8698DSCF8656     IMG_7057

DSCF8521IMG_7036     IMG_6968 IMG_6976  IMG_7012                DSCN0983 DSCF8714


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