midwinter summer days

so we went swimming the other day, and the sea was cold.. how come ? oh it s mid january… imagine now how this mid winter summer spell of round 20s during day and not even needing heating in the night, can fool the poor trees that had no sleeping time this winter (buds already forming) and the veggies that are flowering already… lets just hope no frost will come in february !


this last month has been a pleasure for outdoor activities ! two very interesting costructions projects have been completed together with a lot of food forest and garden work. many thanks to Maria, Pako and Martin.

first and foremost, a real state of the art, in-ground cold-frame. An idea that takes into consideration the more stable temperature of the soil and the thermal heating and insulation of a double glazing top, to start easily the early summer/hopefully spring nurseries in a week ‘s time !



then a house for the mushrooms !!! using the old canal of the watermill we came up with the following structure as an insulating mean to hold a steady temperature and moist atmosphere for the mushroom cultivation we ll be preparing in a few days. more on this experimental project and the real results on the mushrooms in the next post.


in the food forest we spent the last month planting broad beans, vetch, garlic and some herbs, around the trees. A lot of work in the beginning but we are hoping that the seeds will stay in the field and we ll not have to do as much sowing work in the following years. Next step for the food forest is more sowing in early spring of herbs, flowers, alpha alpha and more heat loving diversifiers !


also started mapping out the trees and the contour of the food forest area


The garden is doing really good, keeping the salad input high and now we have the first brasicas coming up 🙂


see you next month !



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