flower buzz

Flowers everywhere, the colours and sounds of spring are upon us officially, the food forest and the garden are buzzing with life 🙂 let s hope that march will be kind, with no unexpected frosts !

DSCF9156DSCF9202  DSCF9206DSCF9204


Many things are going on in paliomylos, some are shown in the following and the rest when we ll have them ready.

The fireplace of the house was, as mosts fireplaces are, seriously inefficient in heating up the space. This last month we have been putting together the FireBox !!! :-p it s basically a stove that fits the fireplace, blocks the air going in from the sides and thus allows for the natural convection to work by taking colder air from below and giving hot air from the top opening. This heats up the space much better, it also gives much better control over the combustion and thus on the amount of wood used and the heat that is generated. There is a container of water also on one side to act as a boiler for hot water for showers (together with a solar panel it will provide hot water to the house under all conditions, this is a future project !!). Finally the FireBox acts as a cooker, as you can easily be boiling food and water on the top (already did jam using it). The idea, design and the orchestration by Pako. The work was done in the workshop of Thanassis who also did most of the work (welding all the pieces together), so many thanks to Thanassis and I promise to pay back with mushrooms and hopefully beer when we get the homebrewing project going ;-))

IMG_7761IMG_7814IMG_7841IMG_7828 IMG_7832


DSCF9282  DSCF9306

The coldframe is working better than expected ! the early summer nurseries have started with absolute success, tomatoes, cucumber, aubergine, peppers are already on the way growing in a really cosy environment of an average 5 C higher temperature than outside.


Also in the coldframe are growing some vines from the vine cutting propagation experiment we tried a month ago !

DSCF8979 DSCF8981 DSCF8985DSCF8999DSCF9001


The mushrooms are in the bags, logs and even loose straw finally and growing !


the compost toilet is turning into a luxury space as ideas keep coming along for improvements! after the ventilation and shelves, we now put water for washing hands which then flows out and feeds a bamboo bed.


apart from these fun activities so far described we did indeed do some serious activities last month… like a table tennis table


mountain walks


and beach acrobatics…


on the animal front, loop got addicted to his first fresh bone DSCF9152DSCF9161

and also his first lover, lita 🙂


till next time, some more photos from February in PaliomylosDSCF9005DSCF9007DSCF9251DSCF9168DSCF9174IMG_7315


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