end of a season

It s the busiest time of the year…. nurseries full on, transplanting, preparing the summer garden, making compost, thinking about irrigation, mulching and shading to protect from the already burning sun, taking care of new planted trees… and that s just gardening… it happens to coincide with the departure of the two long-term visitors of this winter, Pako and Maria and I again find myself just like in September, starting over. As time passes, and the fields of responsibility grow (new gardens, base crops, mushrooms, food forest) I see more and more the need for a permanent group to be formed. Short term visits are great and bring in a lot of energy and motivation but on a life project like that, I feel like a long-term sharing of the responsibilities, decisions and benefits is essential. Right now I am just in the process of putting priorities from the many things that need taking care of..

it s almost a year now, since 5 friends arrived to help me start. Many things have been achieved in these 12 months and many lessons learned and for that I would like to thank so much the 50+ people who visited and stayed in Paliomylos and helped so much with their ideas, motivational attitude and effort.

In the last month, ram pumps were the main attraction, they came in all sizes, rampumpitas and rampumputas ! at a later stage there ll be some videos put online showing in more detail the installation and function.

So Pako and Lucia have been setting up the rampumpita for the irrigation of the north part of the food forest

DSCF9052DSCF9053DSCF9054IMG_8113IMG_8139loop checking the throughput of the pump !

the rampumputa, a project for the Olive Cooperative, in which Pako was involved as advisor is installed very close to Paliomylos and is a state of the art for this very simple technology


maria, apart from being the main gardener for the winter she had her own project, setting up the first bat box


the potatoes are big this year, hoping to make a few more from last year, to feed the house for more than a week !!


mushrooms are in the plate every 3-4 days and asparagus every time it rains a bit


Many thanks to Maira for all the little presents she brings every time she visits but especially for the Paliomylos sign, making the porch the official group photo location.


see you next time !




4 thoughts on “end of a season

  1. Coucou la Grèce

    A pesar de no dar muchas noticias, nunca te olvidamos y seguimos la evolucion del proyecto!!!
    Esperamos poder venir pronto los tres con Sacha. Hasta que lleguemos, pa echarte una mano, continuad con toda esa energia que da gusto a ver!
    May the force be with you.

    HI its Ugo !
    I just want to tell you that we dont forget you. I really hope help you at least next year.
    I really want to share responsabilities for a while. Maybe one year or two or maybe more.
    With Ainhoa we will work for coming to you. But with the little child its a new organisation. Its a big project for us but every day we talk and think about it. The solution is not far anymore. More the baby grows easier its for us to come to you.
    I hope my words are clear. We are proud of you please keep going hold on we are coming relatively soon. Kiss

  2. uo! despues de vivirlo y compartirlo, aun se ve mucho mejor!!! 🙂

    una abrazooo! y muchas sonrisas, canciones, aire y agua frescos y noches entre amigos!
    Gemma 🙂

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