the garden of plenty

Angelina is back and the garden is so happy to see her again that is putting on a show of healthy plants and a lot of food everyday ! the fruits of the hard work of the last 3 months are now paying off better than expected

DSCF9675 DSCF9673 DSCF9669 DSCF9664 DSCF9655 DSCF9652 DSCF9648 DSCF9644 DSCF9642 DSCF9634 DSCF9632 DSCF9630 DSCF9589 DSCF9627 DSCF9622 DSCF9570 DSCF9583 DSC_0246DSCF9668DSC_0277

cooling off more than once a day is essential for the greek summer and what better way to do so than under the trees and sky and at the same time water some bamboo canes.

DSCF9684 DSCF9686

the inner tube of an old electrical water heater, painted black, is more than enough to provide hot water for an evening shower

DSC_0258 DSC_0264

seed saving is still a big ongoing project

DSC_0233 DSCF9544

plenty of other things are happening these days amongst which, a small eco-construction,


but more on this on a later post. have a great July !

DSCF9597   DSC_0274 DSC_0288DSCF9543 DSCF9555


One thought on “the garden of plenty

  1. Que buena pinta el jardín … guarda un poco de verdurita que yo traigo el curry! Por cierto, muy chula la small eco-construction! Abrazos!

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