short post this time as the majority of January was spent pruning the olive trees, cutting and storing wood. some of this wood will be used for the construction of a fence around the “food forest” wannabe part of the olive grove. More on this hopefully in the following post as it ll be the main project for at least February.

prun3 prun4 DSC_0813


horseshit you say ? to me it looks like the best natural plaster I ve seen ! you take some nice red clay and sieve it for a few days

worksh1 worksh2

go get some shit

worksh3 worksh4

mix it together


and you get shear beauty !


and the names of all that contributed so far are already built in the walls now


in the garden department, the spring/summer nurseries started early this year, mid january with many onions, hopefully providing enough for part of next year. but since they were so many we run out of space, so we had to built another coldframe for the other summer veggies that are seeded these days.

This time it was built from metal to make the frame last longer,

cold1 cold2 cold3 cold4 cold5 cold6 cold7

many things happening in the background and will be presented when ready ! till next month here go some more photos (see if you can spot the land rover in the last photo)

fun1 fun2 fun3 fun4 fun5


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