the party

end of another season in paliomylos. the spring is here, the building of the workshop (still missing the tools and furniture) is finished and… a very good friend that left his mark for ever in this project hit the road again, three seasons after his accidental arrival. so as a farewell to valentin, celebration for the complete workshop, the spring and the end of the hunting season (paliomylos can again be a peaceful place) we organised a beautiful two day gathering of good friends and family. almost two years after the beginning of this project it was about time to thank, with an event, my family for the continuous practical but also psychological support they all give to paliomylos. So, many thanks foremost to my parents, Alexandra and Nicos, they are the base for this effort, to my uncle Antonis and Stefanos, grandfather John, Lia, Marina, my cousins and off course Thanasis, a very good, childhood friend that is always there when we need his help.

in1 in2

saying goodbye to Valentin was not easy for anyone…


many thanks for everything friend, your presence, ideas, ethics, hard work, music, (redundant) humour etcetc

p1a p2 p2a p3 p4 p7 p11

the workshop finished with a fine detail. the rendering of the internal walls, apart from the usual horseshit and clay, it included this time, hair from all the paliomylos residents (including cats and dogs), and some culinary spices like curcuma for the color.

w1 w2 w2a w2b w2c w3 w4 w5 w6 w7 w8

apart from that we continue with the pruning of the olives, cutting the broken from the snow, pine trees for timber


making djembes

dj2 dj1 dj3

and cooking cooking cooking


this winter was one to remember, we had a second coming of the snow early in february and since then long consecutive rainy days that remind me of london… a lot of water, that will help out in the heat of the summer.

s1 s2 s3 s4 s5 s6 s7

the focus is now moving to the garden, and planting in general, more in the following post and till then as usual some varied photos from paliomylos !

v1 v1a v2a v2b v3a v3b v4a v7a v8a v8b


5 thoughts on “the party

  1. Gracias a la vida… por haberme permitido compartir contigo… caminar por ahí, hablar… Gracias a la vida por saber que sigues ahí… en algún lugar siendo feliz… ¡Abrazos de corazón!

  2. Hi! everything amazing. Happy to see where is getting Paliomylos. Es un placer inmenso ver cómo evoluciona y cómo la gente da lo mejor que lleva para el proyecto. Miss you!

    • pako !!! te hechamos mucho de menos, y mas de todos.. bino, k esta perdiendo peso de la pena ultimamente. venga viene el verano, k no viviste uno antes en paliomilos, tienes k volver !

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