gardening in the rain

the English weather continued all the way through march, sunshine and showers, so much water… continuing the same into April. If we had a rainwater catchment system we could be irrigating all summer with that water, no river, no pumps… a project for the future.

rain1 rain2 rain3

When the sun comes out though its hot, drying up everything in a couple of hours. so to protect the nurseries, these days we have been building a shader and transforming the nursery area.

shady2 shady3 shady6

shady4 shady5 shady7 shady8

for a time-lapse kind of video of the construction (off course the best part is the soundtrack of the completely irrelevant but excellent, summer remix “I am a clean rubbish/I went for a walk down to the river” by melina, valentino and pericles) click here

Gardening is taking most of our time these days and planting, transplanting, mulching, composting are the daily tasks

garden1 garden2 garden3 garden4 garden5 garden6 garden7 garden8 garden10garden9  garden11

this year, apart from the main garden, we ll also try something different, planting veggies among the olive trees, hopefully using them as trellis for the climber plants. So we have made a few beds along the south drip line of the trees, let s see how it ll look in august !

olive2 olive3 olive1

this was last month in paliomylos, together with great visitors ready for action, diy and cooking !

var0 var1 var2 var3 var4


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