gardens everywhere

typical spring in paliomylos, winter residents are moving on, summer ones are not here yet and thus the few people left become full time gardeners !

structures for climber plants are in fashion this spring, so we built a few to bring to the garden.



yes the main garden looks like a jungle, but we already started the cleaning up by picking 100 kilos of broad beans and chopping and dropping the plants.

garden2_1 garden2_2

apart from the main garden there s quite a few more veggies growing in the olive grove

garden3 garden4 garden4_1

around the canal, front and back of the shader and around the house


but also off site, in the garden that gives us citrus fruit all winter long, to preserve some varieties of tomatoes and zucchini.


so planting and transplanting is what we do most lately… and more is coming along

garden10 garden8 garden7var6

in our free time we try to get some water to house from the river…


participating in the cleaning of the canal that brings the water to the house and then to the cooperative and the rest of the live grove, was one of the hardest tasks so far!

river1_1 river2 river3

solar power is strong already, so we worked to improve lasts year s hot water system for the external shower, by insulating the tank, to try to keep the heat in till the morning, but also extent the period of use for this system.

thermo3 thermo4 thermo5

there was a lot of music happening with great talented visitors that bring amazing instruments to paliomylos this last month and a half. and with some turkish and african samples of this and some more photos I close this post, more next month (and a half…)

var2 var3 var1


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