the sun is shining, the weather is sweet…

many things going on in paliomylos this last month. Weather is sweet and the positive energy in the house helps creativity.
First achievement was the reparation of a fishing boat, a piece of work that took us more than a month to complete. The story of the boat goes back to my childhood, but after a storm it broke in multiple spots and stayed unused for many years. People said that it is better to buy a new one but, with a lot of work and the help of Thanassis that showed me how to work the epoxy and fibreglass, we made it and now we eat fish at least once a week.

boat1 boat2 boat3 boat4 boat5 boat5_5 boat6 boat7 boat8 boat10 boat11

then came the time for dehydration ! the garden is already giving more food than we can eat thus we have the chance to save something for the winter. First we build a dehydrator with air flow, with a closed space for vegetables and then we made one for the sun-dried tomatoes.

dy1 dy2 dy3 dy4 dy5 dy6 dy7 dy8

since I mentioned the garden, here go the photos. All is good here !

garden0 garden1 garden2 garden3 garden4 garden5 garden6 garden8 garden9 garden10 garden11 garden12 garden13 garden14

the fastest project ever in paliomylos was a pergola we mounted in the front yard for shade from the grapevine in the future. Great team work and experience from previous mistakes gave us very satisfactory results in only 3 days of work.

pergola1 pergola2 pergola3 pergola4 pergola5

summer is great so far and promises many nice things to come. since then some more photos from the last month

var0_1 var0_2 var0_3 var1_1 var3 var4 var4_1 var4_2 var5 var7 var9 var10


3 thoughts on “the sun is shining, the weather is sweet…

  1. Giorgos!

    Every time I get to your blog and read the last post I fear that when I finally find the time to visit you, everything will be on rails and there won’t be anything left for me to help you with! 🙂

    Anyway, if you are writing down the ‘experience(s) from previous mistakes’ and you find the time, maybe you could open a section here 🙂 You could label the section ‘truly useful knowledge pills’ 😀

    One huge hug!


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