Artistic natural building

Yes, this August brought the project up one level ! The house full of motivated people, the dishes full of delicious food and the result could not have been better. This last month we carried out two beautiful natural building projects, one for the garden and one for the living arrangements in the house.

For start, the gardeners shelter, a project led by Angelina. A piece of cob art next to the flourishing garden could not have been a better match, well done ! Material for the bench all local 😉

cob1_2 cob1_3 cob2_1 cob3_1 cob4 cob5 cob6 var5_1

Then a pending project for over a year now, was planned and executed in just two weeks with remarkable results. The living room is now completely different, with most of the sleeping space on top of the mezzanine ! Locally harvested cypress, eucalyptus, pine and olive wood was used, together with some chessnut poles, a donation by my uncle, Andonis. Here goes the timelapse video of the project, with appropriate music from Valentin (I ll sent you the money for the copyright with bongo).

mez1 mez2 mez2_1 mez3 mez5 mez8 mez8_1 mez9_2 mez9_3 mez10 mez11 var6_1

Apart from the big summer projects, the rest of the activities included as usual gardening

garden1 garden2 garden3




olive grove irrigation (and shower for loop)


autumn nurseries


making sweet and salty preserves, either jarred or dried, cheese and bread as usual and having a feast in the table with very motivated cooks in the house !


So we bid fare well to sweet august with some more photos, and get ready for the olive harvesting

var8 var9


var2_1 var2 var1 var7 var4 var12


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