moving forward !

big steps in the self-sufficiency front (at least in my head). It took a while (just like this blog post) but this last month we managed to get rid of the electric boiler replacing it with a wood stove one ! there s only two photos but this project was a headache for a while ! finally working, being much more efficient than I was expecting, hot water in 30 minutes with very little wood !

stove1 stove3

Another step forward was getting rid of the toilet and bidet from the bathroom ! no more black water from the house means we can now recycle all the grey water waste from the house. So now the compost toilet is the only toilet in Paliomylos and it has a newly added urinal for the ladies, giving at the same time urine for fertiliser.


toilet1 toilet2

last step… easy, but we did not have the will to do it so far, get rid of the fridge 😉



so back to the normal news.. olives olives and again olives. This time they are Kalamata black olives. There s a couple weeks left in the season, finishing the kalamata and olive oil olives so no… you ll not get any more olive news for this year :-p

kalamata1 kalamata2 kalamata3 kalamata1 kalamata4 kalamata5

the garden has a second flourishing these days since it s been quit summery lately, this time I ll skip tomato and cucumber photos, for some more interesting crops like sesame,

garden1 garden1a garden1b

colourful chillies

garden5 garden4

Jerusalem artichokes,


and gogi berries


and some more garden photos..

garden2 garden7 garden6

wine is ready, strong and tasty and the cider is on it s second fermentation

wines1 wines2 wines3

the mushrooms were going wild before the mid autumn summer spell, and we took advantage of it, both in the mountain and in the olive grove

mush2 mush1

another small construction took place in the rainy days of late October, to protect the fire wood and the outdoors seating area

wall1 wall2 wall3

that s it for the last month and a half, till next time some more photos from the autumn in paliomylos 😉

var1 var3 var2 preserves1 var5 var5a var5c var6 var6a var6b var7



2 thoughts on “moving forward !

  1. Geia sou! Nice to see the boiler was a success Giorgos! Is the pressure good?
    Would love to have stuck around to get a taste of that cider. Keep some for next time I visit please.
    Nice going. Poly kala!

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