heavy jobs to keep warm, nice !

so there s not much completed from what s been happening since the olive picking finished but there s ongoing hard jobs and projects running right now and I have a feeling the place will look a lot different this coming spring !

the unexpected visit of great friends


gave us the last push to finish the olive picking 😉


the main garden is resting this winter, we only planted broad beans and mustard greens

gardens0 gardens1 gardens2

the olive grove gardens on the other side are ever growing with a new patch added recently for growing all the garlic for a year

garlic1 garlic2 garlic5 gardens3

we picked all the logs and branches that were left over in the olive grove after the picking. the logs are going to be used for construction and the branches for fencing and protection of garden and young trees

wood4 wood2 wood1

after last year s falling rocks from the canal, we decided to do some maintenance on it, something that will continue till spring

wall1 wall2 wall3 wall4 wall5

together with the rocks there was also some soil that fell last year, so now the plan is to terrace the hillside beside the workshop. Big job but exciting, more on it on the following posts.

terrace0 terrace1 terrace2 terrace3 terrace4

soon the result of the work that is going on right now will be more obvious, for now some more photos of cats and the rest

happy new year 🙂

var1 var2 var2_1 var3 var5 var7


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