anybody seen the winter ? we lost him… again…

yes, the early summer got me all dazed and I forgot to put up a post last month ! everything is flowering, not only the almonds


this is the first time in my life I see a February like that…  I m showering outdoors everyday, no fire in the night is needed… and as I said all the trees if not flowering they are all budding at least… on one hand is nice to see the spring already but on the other hand.. some cold is necessary for the plants, let s just hope we get a lot of rain in spring cause otherwise we ll need some desert permaculture experts coming here soon…

anyhoo, this “winter” finds paliomylos very quite. I spent a month alone here, for the first time a long period, but unlike what I was expecting it was a really beautiful period and experience. I got to feel in tune with the place and find my own good rhythm.

so the biggest project of the last two months was the retention wall and terracing of the hill behind the canal. Terracing was a bad idea as we were losing really good topsoil by digging down for the cut and at the same time it would have been a major intervention to the previous landscape, so after the first terrace I changed the plan to making on-contour swales instead.

The wall was one of the toughest projects so far in paliomylos especially as the majority was carried out by Bastien and myself only,

DSC_1561 DSC_1563DSCF1747 DSCF1749 DSCF1754 DSC_1564 DSC_1565

and then by myself alone with the cats n loop supervising the project.

DSC_1556 DSC_1611 DSC_1606 DSC_1594

the end result is really good as the 200+ tires are solid.. 120 to 250 kilos each I hope they ll keep the soil and the canal from eroding for the next 50 years at least ! then the swales are already planted with a few hazelnuts, raspberries and lupins, mulched and with drip irrigation and we are waiting this week to transform this place to a strawberry hill with some 50+ new plants.

DSCF1782 DSCF1787 DSCF1796 DSCF1790 DSCF1793

in rest days there was a lot  of planting happening ! yes, around 40 new trees and bushes have been planted in the food forest. The irrigation was redesigned and improved based on mistakes of the past, trying to prevent the little ones from drying out this very hot summer ahead. On the same note loads of cuttings (mainly vine) and root shouts were taken, some potted, some in the ground, making a nice collection for next year ‘s plantings.

DSCF1778 DSC_1591DSCF1770 DSCF1769

the early summer nurseries were devastated by hungry little slimy visitors of the cold-frame. The slugs ate all tomato seedlings that were planted early in February and many of the cucumber ones.. so I got them drunk with some beer and I hope next patch will not be affected !

DSC_1603 DSC_1604

some more smaller tasks of the last two months…

the solar powered light took the compost toilet on another level !

DSCF1773 DSCF1775

getting amazing building logs from two dead cypresses (for the next mezzanine..)

DSC_1579 DSC_1580 DSC_1581

enough for this long long post with no people and too many plants and animals. till next time !

DSC_1551 DSC_1567DSCF1799

the cider was fantastic… next year more !

DSCF1732 DSC_1602DSCF1746 DSC_1575DSC_1584 DSC_1598


2 thoughts on “anybody seen the winter ? we lost him… again…

  1. Looking forward to seeing all thi the coming weekend. It looks like excellent work! Well done. Andrew

    Sent from my iPad


  2. WOW guys what a heavy job! it looks very nice now 🙂
    And now you can see your compost donation even in the night!

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