doctor gardener and mister mason

march was much colder than february and thankfully much more wet too. Now spring is really upon us and the majority of the work involves gardening, but not only ! there is a small surprise which hopefully will be ready for the relaxing months of the summer.

a day or two after the last post we completed the strawberry hill project, by planting 60 of them on the newly created mini-swales
strawb0 strawb1 strawb2

tree work kept us busy well in March too this year. Using our very own humanure for fertilizing (plus some help from the goats),

light pruning for the apple trees and heavy mulching in general
trees1 trees2 trees3 trees4

The garden is now the main activity in a daily basis. After having a second hit in the nurseries, thus losing all the february seedlings this time from mice eating the seeds, I decided to fence the cold-frame with a very fine inox mesh, and finally got on with the seedlings for this summer s garden
garden0 garden1
After deserting the garden for around 6 months we found this jungle
garden2 garden3
and after a couple of days of weeding, fertilizing and mulching it started again looking like a garden
garden5 garden6 garden6_1 garden7
and finally managing to plant the first seedlings early, even though the slug and mice incidents, thanks to the good weather.
garden8 garden9

and now, a project many paliomylos visitors have been dreaming about, after a long hard day of work … the mojito terrace is finally on it s way !

started by cleaning the canal
leveling the first terrace
mojito2 mojito3
and preparing the space for the flat stones of the floor, soon to come ! mojito4

It ll take at least another month to have the first comfortable space for relaxing at the end of the day, but it has already started taking good form 😉

and that s all for this month, till next time some more photos (a good camera really makes a difference, thanks mariana for the artistic shots)
var0 var1 var2 var3 var4 var5 var6 var7


One thought on “doctor gardener and mister mason

  1. Bravo for the good work! Love the work on the mojito terrace 🙂
    How are the garlics and the broadbeans doing??
    Love from Rethimno,
    Jeroen and Inti

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