dry landscape… but wait… the sea !!!

the signs of the hot and rain-less winter are showing, even more after no rain for 40 days…. (25 march-5 may). garlic and onions are again not going to be enough, since the attempt to install irrigation was too late…
also it is the first time ever we start the olive grove irrigation from the start of April, almost two months before the usual date !! so yes, things are not so green in the house… irrigating every day, and fearing serious water issues later on this summer.
Apart from this sad note that is affecting all gardening and farming, things are good in the house which again is full of great people that do what they can to help in all fronts.

Gardening is full on at this moment with late nurseries, frames for climbing plants and transplanting and planting every week in the garden which already has small green tomatoes and peppers :-).

garden2 garden4 garden5 garden6 garden7 garden8 garden9 garden10

A very nice surprise this year have been the artichokes that have provided quite a few meals already


the harvesting season for fruits and herbs is upon us and we have started with loquats, kritamo, capers, chamomile and saint john s wort

harvest1 harvest2

in the food forest we have been building up the fence by planting some 100+ agave plants and in between some aloe vera too

fence1 fence2

The biggest news of the last 2 months !!! the terrace with the sea view (aka mojito terrace) is done!!! well at least for this year as next year we might have a small extension. Thanks to all that helped with this heavy and long project !

mt1 mt2 mt3 mt4 mt7 mt8 mt9 mt10

from this moment most of the photos of the last section are going to be taken from this terrace which has the best view in the farm ! till next month make sure you dance for some rain !

var0 var4 var2 var3 var7


2 thoughts on “dry landscape… but wait… the sea !!!

  1. Hi Giorgo!

    Long tim no see! How is everything going? It seems your gmail address is not working anymore. Please send me an email so I can contact you.

    Here in Barcelona everything is going well and looking forward to visit you again soon.

    Keep on the nice work in Paleomilos!


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