A palace on wheels

Fourth summer starting in the mill and things are moving faster than ever, but also failures/problems keep the feet on the ground, a good thing.
So the low points.. bad garlic harvest, due to little winter/spring rain but also mice that seem not to mind the spice.

garlic2 garlic1

Mice this year are turning out to be a real menace for our efforts… after eating much of freshly planted seedlings, both in the food forest and garden, they now ravish the unripe tomatoes !!! Turns out a mild winter helps them grow in huge numbers… We tried some home made non-chem bait, based on flour, but I m not sure we are getting anywhere with that..


having said that, the garden is resilient and gives already a lot of food, mainly cucumbers at the moment as it s still early for the rest. Earlier in the month we finished the last plantings and now it s all about the harvest and preservation.

garden0 garden1 garden2 garden3 garden4

So now for the big news ! A big step forward that was taken last month was getting our first chicken. Maro and her 8 pitsonia (local dialect for chicks) became part of the family in late May. First they stayed a few days in the workshop,


then moved in temporarily in a favela coop next to Loop s place


and finally after 10 days of creative ideas and good handy work

maro2 maro3 maro4c

Maro and the babies got their palace on wheels, with royal courts for their daytime entertainment.

maro5 maro6 maro7 maro8 maro9 maro10 maro11

At the same time but not finished yet there s another big project going on, reshaping the back of the house to provide support to the canal, make a passage from nurseries to workshop, but also… make landing space for a climbing wall to be mounted on the wall of the house. More on this next month!

boulder1 boulder2 boulder3

we made a new herb garden,


baked enough dry bread for the rest of the summer

bake0 bake1 bake2

added another good set of logs for further building


and build a new improved and good to last this time ping pong table!


Until next month, a couple of sites we don’t get to see that often like an aloe vera flower and ginger and curcuma plants !

var1 var2s var3a var5 var7


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