the summer of the wall

a yes… the blog, the virtual world of paliomylos, i d forgotten. too many exciting things happening in the real world this summer, many good people around, so this special edition is very late, but full of content !

the biggest news since loop was born is the climbing wall which is finally a great reality 🙂 actually it was just a small part really of a much bigger project to redesign the whole back of the house. So after filling up the ditch that you saw last month, a small dry wall was made to support the soil at the base of the canal, the old plaster from the back wall of the house was removed, the joints cleaned, the huge holes that posed a structural danger rebuilt with cement and stones, the re-pointing of the joints with lime and the placement of flat stones to make a nice passage from the workshop to the nursery area.

wall0 wall4_5 wall7 wall7_1 wall11 wall12 wall12_1

in the middle of this work when we finished the left part of the wall, we mounted the bouldering board and paliomylos will never be the same again :-p special thanks again to my friend Thanassis for the metal work and Nikos my climber friend for the advice but also for borrowing us all his moonboard (and more) holds !

wall13 wall14 wall15 wall16 wall17 wall18 wall19 wall20 wall21 wall22 wall23

Next year, when I m sure a good team is here for the whole project, we ll continue uncovering the stone wall from the rest of the house and repointing with a more beautiful an breathable than cement, lime mix. For now many thanks to all that helped and they were many !

Also next spring/summer we ll continue with the beautification(!!) of the little gray house. A small preview of the future in the last photo 🙂
thanks again to all and especially Vangelis for coming with his lovely family and showing us how to built the lime based mural.

mural0 mural1 mural2 mural3


mural9 mural20

In the garden all is good finally after the bad start with the mice.

garden18 garden10 garden7 garden6 garden1 garden0

the harvest is good and plenty are the sauces and dried veggies!

food2 food1 food0

the onion harvest was not as expected but good enough

onion1 onion2 onion3 onion4

maro started laying eggs again and soon her daughters will do the same

egg1 egg2

with all these good ingredients our great chefs had a party this summer again 🙂

cooking1 cooking2 cooking3 cooking4 cooking5

even though last in the post, the best thing that in general happens here in paliomylos, is when good friends come back. That makes all the hard work worth a while. so thanks for the great moments good people and keep on coming back 🙂

var7 var8 var8_1 var8_2 var9 var9_1 var10 var11 var15 var25 var30 var99 var100


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