let s o live together

after the summer, come the olives… this year it was the shortest harvest so far. Not many green olives, not many for olive oil and no kalamata, together with more than usual enthusiastic olive pickers it resulted in just a month and a half of work whereas it usually lasts at least three. So not much money this year but plenty of time for other projects which are under planning at the moment.

many thanks to all that contributed for this year s harvest and mainly to Melina for handling the household chores in a house with 8, on average, hungry people.

dscf2375 dscf2369 dscf2376 dscf2372 dscf2421 dscf2426 dscf2428 dscf2430

as the harvest was short, so is this post, because not much else happened in the last few weeks. Among the plenty of people that were around this period there were quite a few weird characters and two kittens that received more cuddles than the olives we picked… so enjoy the photos that follow until the next post 🙂

dscf2402 dscf2382 dscf2405 dscf2406 dscf2387 dscf2411 dscf2419 dscf2364 dscf2366 dscf2378 dscf2379


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