going forward, one stone at the time

one month after the end of the harvest and the place is already changed ! the last element (i guess for now…) of the transformation of the area behind the house was some terracing. So after 2 weeks of digging, dry stoning and a bit of planting changed this



terrace1 terrace2

to this

terrace3 terrace4

in spring it ll look much better with all the herbs, flowers and bushes covering the bare soil.

another big work was the creation of some new planting beds in order to start a rotation of the summer veggies and especially the tomatoes and not having them in the main garden for next two summers.

garden2 garden3 garden4

this year we are experimenting with wheat production to see how much of the flour needs of the house and with what cost, we can cover with our own crop over half an acre approximately. So with the help of Christos we learned how to use the tractor to till the land and prepare the field for the seeds and then we sowed wheat together with some vetch and we are now hoping for some rain 🙂

field3 field1field2

apart from these main activities, there was some household works

house1 house2

some tree and bushes planting


more harvesting of beans for the winter, but also the last veggies from the garden and finally making jams and carob syrup (this time not using gas)


food2 food1

see you next month

yin yang



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