happy wood year

happy new year!
this post will be short because since the last post most of the time we have been pruning. it s been many years since the last good pruning of the field, and now we have much to work on.
pruning3 pruning2 pruning1 pruning
this also means tons of wood… picking, cutting and piling are in the daily basis these days.
wood3 wood7 wood1
apart from that there s a lot of wood curving going on, making small articles for the house, and on the garden side there was the garlic planting of the year.
dscf2681 garlic0 garlic1

the snow came this year again after one year break, and as always gives wonderful scenes for photos

snow1 snow4 snow2 snow7 snow8 snow9 snow3 snow6 snow11
for the last part as usual some varied photos, with a lot of cooking, cats and dogs and weird characters

var4 var5 var3 var1 var4_1




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