kitchen 2.0

Nice sunny days, flowers, bees and.. scorpions

tell us that spring is finally here to stay. Therefore gardening is at full power with many veggies already planted in the garden and many more getting ready in the nurseries.

Major help for gardening and the trees was a 3 day-long rain that finally filled up the river and the springs.

With much better mood now with the sunny days, we decided to update a bit the spaces in and around the house. So we started with a complete makeover in the kitchen including the first construction with 100% our own wood.

Emma has improved a lot the look of paliomylos with her artistic creativity and the bench under the pine tree could not be left out

this year we ll give mushrooms a go again. This time on logs (oak and mulberry) with oyster and shitaki mushrooms

and that s it for now. enjoy the spring !


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