a new era

many things happened in the last month and a half, one very sad but many good ones, so it feels like a new stage starts in paliomylos.
Starting with the bad news, Loop is not with us anymore after four years of great moments. He ll always mark the memories of the beginning here in Paliomylos.

Moving on, as nature always does, trees, gardens and cats are doing great and in the house Valentin brought good energy, presents and friends.

So the harvest of early summer apart from the usual garden veggies

this year includes lentils


and an amazing potato yield from just a bed of 8 m2

The usual tomato sauces, pickles and dried preserves are happening on a daily rate as usual for this time of the year

but the new goodies from Belgium, have now transformed the kitchen to a proper homesteading food processing spot

From Belgium also came a special short visit of a scout group. They carried out the big task of a stone staircase by themselves in only 3 days of work, thanks guys !

and last but not least the works on the canal are continuing and we are hoping to have the complete terrace ready for August, lets see ! A serious novelty is the welding machine that Thanasis gave us as a gift. Metal is added to the building artilery after stones, wood, COB and mortars

enjoy the rest of the summer !


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